Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Mommy's Little Monster

So all these commercials for psych meds say "may cause thoughts of suicide" etc., is it that much of a leap to think if you give it to hormonal young men steeped in violent video games that it may cause thoughts of homicide? Why is it politically incorrect to ask if these meds just might be a problem, especially since this new behavior seemed to increase in correlation with the trend of medicating kids and teens. Perhaps since it doesn't fit the narrative of those in control of the media and it's much safer to not tick off Big Pharma's lobbying machine. Or perhaps many of these parents are giving these meds to their own kids and refusing to consider that they may be creating a monster for an "easier to teach/parent" kid, then fearing the gun the way they do as they imagine what their own offspring is capable of.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Coming soon...

I find writing to be a great outlet and stress reliever.  Obviously I'd not been relieving a lot of stress when I ended up flat on my back in the hospital a couple years ago from heart failure.

So, now that so much in life has changed (for the better) and so much more is bubbling up in the brain (good stuff) I want to return to writing to get it into a tangible format.  Not that I really expect anyone to read it regularly, or at all, but rather so I can at least reap the benefits.

Another consideration is that perhaps if I use blogging, etc., it'll redirect my energy from social media and into a more positive realm.

So, we'll see how long the gap is between this post and the next one on this blog or the main Provencio one to see if things went according to plan.