Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tim's Telling's initial post and official introduction

Welcome to "Tim's Tellings".  Yeah, that's pretty cheesy but all the good URLs were taken.  With a little help of the thesaurus I grabbed that "telling", which is synonymous with "revealing", but there is a little word play there too.  I guess in a way I wanted a place to "reveal", and work some things out in text as I find it rather cathartic.

I've had another blog out there for years.  Some of what was in it was gold, the rest was just black sand.

I wanted a new start for a blog, but I also wanted some of that gold to be placed here too. Meaning, while there will be new posts arriving here, there will also be old posts posted with their original dates so they can be retained for here on out so feel free to look "backwards in time" rather than at just new posts.

After I finish cleaning the gold from the other blog, the black sand will be thrown back in the river.  Don't worry, it won't be missed.

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