Friday, March 13, 2020

Twitter, a hate machine

Twitter is a hateful place, and I almost wonder if it isn't by design.

I had been Twitter-free for some time but due to some software development "networking" I revisited it and started following key folks related to technologies I've been using. Many of the virtual events feature Twitter handles of the presenters or require Twitter to ask questions.

So I figure "if I only follow these folks it won't be so bad, right?" Wrong. It also reinforces how wise it has been on my part to decline employment with a certain software company four times if it is filled with such smug urbanites who feel their limited reality is the best reality and everyone else is just ignorant.

It's funny as each of their profiles will say something like "opinions are my own", etc., but then the accounts are featured on official company broadcasts.

It amazes me how consumed some of these people are with hatred and rage. But the thing is there is some algorithm that seems to keep this hatred bubbling up through trends. Not to mention, when you click a trend, it seems to deliver the most hateful tweets which amplifies the echo chamber of hate.

It's like Twitter is the real life equivalent of "two minutes of hate" except it's not two minutes, it's 24/7 and all around the globe, and I bet there are key people sitting back gloating over this social engineering tool they have enacted.

After composing this, I think it's time to get the heck off Twitter again.  I'm surprised I lasted nearly two weeks.

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